Colloquial + Locate + Collocate: Colloqate

col·lo·qui·al : kəˈlōkwēəl/ adjective (of language) used in ordinary, informal or a familiar conversation; not formal or literary. Conversational. Informal

lo·cate :ˈlōˌkāt,lōˈkāt/ verb 1. discover the exact place or position of. 2. Situate in and of a particular place. 3. place within a particular context

col·lo·cate :ˈkäləˌkāt/ verb 1. (of a word) be habitually juxtaposed with another at a frequency greater than chance. side by side or in a particular relation.

A familiar [design dialogue] situated in and of particular place. Considering design + justice juxtaposed at a higher frequency than chance.

Mission & Vision.

The language of the built environment tells a complex story of place that can either speak to our values and ideals or reveal persisting inequity and injustice.

Colloqate is a multidisciplinary Non Profit Design Justice practice focused on expanding community access to, and building power through the design of social, civic, and cultural spaces. Our mission is to intentionally organize, advocate, and design spaces of racial, social and cultural equity. 

We believe that to design is to have an unyielding faith in the potential for a just society. It is an act of individual and collective hope requiring, not only, an awareness of true inequity, but a compulsion to speak out against it in its many forms. Design speaks to the potential for equitable spaces and attempts to visually and physically represent our collective aspirations for the future.



Bryan C. Lee Jr, Director of Design

Bryan Lee is a Designer and Design Justice Advocate. He is the founding organizer of the Design Justice Platform and organized the Design As Protest National day of Action. Bryan has led two award-winning architecture and design programs for high school students through the Arts Council of New Orleans and the National Organization of Minority Architects. He is on the National AIA Equity and the Future of Architecture Board Committee. He is the recipient of the 2013 AIA Diversity Recognition Award. 2014 NOMA member of the year, 2015 Next City Vanguard Fellow, 2015 International British American Project Fellow. Bryan was a 2016 TED Speaker and SXSW Eco Keynote. He was named one of the 40 Under 40 by the National Trust and was selected for the 2018 Fast Company Most Creative People in Business.


Sue Mobley, Director of Advocacy

Sue Mobley is Director of Advocacy at Colloqate Design. She comes to Colloqate with over a decade of experience in New Orleans non-profit and policy sectors. Mobley holds a Bachelor of Arts from Loyola University New Orleans in Anthropology and a Masters of Arts in Political Science from the American University in Cairo.

Her primary research interests are in urban studies, public history, and design ethnography with a focus on race, class, and gender. She is the author of Human Rights, Human Wrongs, Observation of Human Rights Law and Norms in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations.