Design Justice Platform


Design Justice Platform

The Design Justice Platform (DJP) is a means to establish a set of ethical, socially and environmentally conscious guidelines for operating as designers of the built environment. We will organize around our professional ethical imperative in order to develop a movement that operates with the explicit intention of building a socially just profession.

Design as Protest

The Design As Protest (DAP) workshop is a Design Justice gathering to bring community members, artist, activists, and designers together in pursuit of a design intervention with the explicit intention of addressing the systemic issues of injustice throughout the built environment. This is an action, using the language of design, to protest the systems, policies, procedures, and people that perpetuate injustice in our world.

Design Justice League


The Design Justice League is a design and equity recreational league. Put together to series a social Justice gatherings designed to bring together community members, artist, activists, and designers in pursuit of justice in the built environment. The League provides a weekly opportunity for discussion and a framework for people to connect around our collective design challenges.